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New Blog XT function
You can create a blog for your site using this powerful XT function
You only get one blog per site.
You can add the XT function in as many pages as you like
but it will display the same blog
Editing your Blog
You may find it easier to add a blog function to a otherwise blank page and use this page as your control panel
When you add the function to your listing it will look something like this
[E + -] [XT: Blog ]
  [+] No posts
This is also your control panel where you set options edit/delete posts and delete comments
Click[E]to get your blogs
RSS feed url**
Or to set the global options
Your timezone
Post display:
Header link only or header and short line from the post
Blog posts per page:
Number of blog post that are shown on the page
Post comments per page:
Number of comments shown on the page
Comment sorting:
New first or old first
To add a post to your blog click on the
[+] New post
Set your posts title and subtitle
And The content of your post
[Allow html]
Allow html in your post
html is filtered out of the "short description"
[Allow html in comments]
Allow html in visitors comments
(Leave this un-checked)
[Disable comments]
Disable comments for this post
[-]Delete a post
[E]Edit a post
In the edit post
Use check boxes to delete comments
BBcode & Smilies
Your visitors can use bb code and smilies (Emoticons) in their comments

* * * *
[b]bold text[/b]
[i]italic text[/i]
[u]underlined text[/u]
[br]=line break
in the following n=number h=hex digit
[size=nn]Text Size[/size]
[color=hhhhhh]coloured text[/color]
[url=http://xtgem.com]text link[/url]
Use a smiley code as the text and you get a smiley link:bomb:
[img]http://xtgem.com/images/powered.gif[/img] =img
[url=http://xtgem.com][img]http://xtgem.com/images/powered.gif[/img][/url] =img
(c)=© (r)=® (tm)=™
Html entities can be used &#NUMBER; &NAME; &#xHEX VALUE;
Most BB codes can be nested
You can use them in your posts if you have not selected to use html.
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BB code ( 50 )
[b]bold text[/b]&#...
Advanced customization
format Format for the timestamp
display_limit Length of short description
display_symbol What gets shown at the end of the short description
Custom text
t_back_to_posts Back to posts
t_comments Comments
t_post_a_comment Post a comment
t_name Name
t_comment Comment
t_post Post
A selection of css styles for the blog function have been added to the default xtgem site templates available in the
Panel menu
For the more advanced user who understands css code there is much more you can do to style your blog
An advanced set of blank classes for the blog function
A advanced stylesheet for the blog using elements from the xtgem site!
Click here
This function is still being developed and changes and new features are added frequently for the up to date info see these links
XtBoard Forum Thread
Xtgem blog templates
Geminixx's blog site
NOTE: You cannot use feeds originating from XtGem sites in XtGems rss reader function. This is because of possible recursive loops

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