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WIDGETSWidgets are a new feature for XtGem.
They are created by XtGem or third party developers and Xtgem users and are hosted by the developers on their own sites.
Some are free some are premium (paid).
Some widgets you just add straight to the page.
Some widgets will require you to enter values to customize them.
Some widgets will require registration to access their control panel.
Questions suggestions and bug reports should be addressed to the developer of the widget.
New widgets are constantly being developed check the Market page in the panel menu for new widgets or to install a widget
User and third party widgetsThese widgets are created by users and third party developers.
Xtgem is not responsible for any errors or malfunctions of these widgets.
Where ever possible bug reports complaints and suggestions should be addressed directly to the widgets author
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graham.yn.ltGradient text
xtcat.xtgem.compage views
ratings tool
These are XtGems own WidgetsFacebook commentsAllows visitors to comment on the page using Facebook.
<xt:widget no_posts="5" id="add-facebook-comments"/>Quote of the day
<xt:widget id="quotes_of_the_day"/>Flickr random photo<xt:widget id="flickr_random_photo"/>Google site searchGoogle periodically indexes content it might take up to a couple of months until Google bot discovers and crawls your site.
Setting meta tags for keywords and description helps as does a descriptive title.
Also you can try
Google addurl
Meta tags for keywords and description can be set in the options for each page in the building tool
Google should use the description when it finally lists your site.
<xt:widget id="google_sitesearch"/>Weather<xt:widget id="weather"/>Tic tac toe game widget
<xt:widget width="120" height="120" text="Tic-Tac-Toe" win_text="You win!" lost_text="You lost!" draw_text="Draw!" new_game_text="New Game" id="tic-tac-toe"/>Tic tac toe with css
Chatt simple chat boxA very basic chat/shout box widget.
Select default or custom and set a custom key.
The same box can be used on multiple sites/pages by entering the same custom key
<xt:widget type="custom" custom_key="example" count="10" id="chatt"/>Chatt with cssPrivate Chatt-rooms

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